Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Criminal investigations and trials arising from financial misconduct are on the rise in Turkey. It has become common practice in claims of fraud to file criminal complaints alongside civil cases to increase pressure on the other party.

We are at the cutting edge of business crime practice in Turkey and our expertise is recognized by leading directories. From internal investigations to criminal trials, for all aspects of business crimes involving white-collar & blue-collar crime, we have a reputation for providing sound strategic advice and for the high-level advocacy we provide before prosecution offices and criminal courts representing both companies and individuals.

Our lawyers have been involved in a number of precedent-setting financial crime cases and investigations involving multinational corporations, many of which have a cross border element. These cases have provided our team with a wide range of experience including criminal, employment law and regulatory investigations, bribery and corruption, customs related crimes, market abuse and all aspects of corporate misconduct, prosecutions, and criminal trials.

We provide fast and efficient representation in cases that involve investigative and coercive powers used by the authorities, such as arrest, detention, interview under caution, search and seizure, and dawn raids.

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