Cetinkaya offers extensive regulatory compliance services in the area of business and human rights. We ensure that our clients mitigate and minimize human rights risks to the fullest possible extent. Our business and human rights philosophy is to identify risks before they occur and to manage them so that disputes are avoided. To this end, we advise companies on the following:

  • Drafting and implementing human rights policy commitments
  • Creating a business & human rights compliance strategy
  • Identifying salient human rights risks
  • Conducting human rights due diligence
  • Training of employees for sustainable business & human rights compliance
  • Establishing operational level remediation mechanisms

However, when human rights risks do occur and a company’s actions have an adverse human rights impact, we engage in various forms of dispute resolution to ensure that our clients do not suffer any reputational damage or face hefty compensation claims. Cetinkaya’s business and human rights practice includes the following dispute resolution methods:

  • Negotiation with stakeholders
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Cetinkaya has experience in advising multinational corporations regarding imminent human rights risks and compensation claims in various industries including the garment, extractive, and technology industries. In cases when a client’s adverse human rights impact has been publicized and there is the potential for reputational harm, Cetinkaya provides timely and effective crisis management services to ensure that the client’s communication strategy is in line with international human rights law.

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