Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Unlike many law firms in Turkey, we do not see litigation and dispute resolution as an ancillary practice, it is at the core of our law firm.

Our lawyers have represented clients in many landmark cases from enforcement of arbitral awards to tax disputes across the country. Our in-depth expertise and sectoral knowledge help us excel in contentious matters. From construction disputes and insurance claims, to media related litigation and intellectual property practice, we have successfully led many cases in many industries.

Within our dispute resolution experience, commercial litigation cases form the majority of our engagement. We have represented clients in a range of proceedings including big value, precedent-setting and cross-border cases requiring comparative and multidisciplinary approaches.

In addition to our active involvement in Turkish litigation, our lawyers have taken part in foreign proceedings that range from adjudications in the UK, to court proceedings in Canada alongside leading litigation and arbitration practitioners around the world.

We are at the forefront of business crime litigation in Turkey. Our lawyers act in high profile criminal investigations, successfully representing businesses and their managements in criminal cases in Turkey. We regularly assist clients in connection with foreign investigations initiated within the auspices of FCPA, OFAC, UKBA and similar foreign laws and practices having international reach.

In the area of alternative dispute resolution, we are active in commercial and treaty investment arbitrations, as well as mediations and adjudications. Our comprehensive sectoral knowledge gives us unique insight into industries such as construction, infrastructure, textiles, and food manufacturers that frequently use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods.

We are also one of the few Turkish law firms to have developed expertise in human rights litigation. Both in Turkey and abroad, we represent our clients, ranging from nation states to state entities and businesses, on issues at the intersection of public international law, human rights, and business law.

Finally, we understand the importance of interim reliefs in contentious matters. We have a successful track record in making expeditious applications to secure or lift injunctions, freezing orders, and restraining orders in Turkey for substantive cases or arbitrations taking place in both Turkey and abroad.

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