Regulatory & Compliance

A regulated market is a market in which there is a measure of control or oversight by the state or state-controlled bodies in the name of public or national interests.

Turkish regulatory authorities monitor markets closely, maintaining order by issuing country-wide general laws or regulations, or by means of industry, region or goods and services-specific measures. Consistent analysis of these measures is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and to avoid significant penalties.

Cetinkaya has in-depth knowledge of all the major regulated markets, working with domestic and international clients active in Turkey. From international trade regulations and customs issues, to anti-dumping measures and administrative fines or tax restructuring, our experience in this area is extensive.

In recent years, compliance has also become increasingly regulated, developing from self-driven business initiatives to rapidly intensifying soft and hard laws that set out business practices and standards. As a market leading compliance practice, we assist companies with developing and implementing evolving compliance programs in a wide range of areas such as anti-bribery and anti-corruption, conflict of interests, risk assessment & monitoring, speak-up culture, business and human rights, corporate compliance, privacy, data protection and cyber security.

We assist in localizing compliance programs for multinationals with Turkish subsidiaries helping to prevent and manage risks. We also advise and represent clients in connection with internal investigations, employment law advice & litigation, criminal investigations and criminal trials.

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