Respecting human rights is no longer a voluntary deed for business. With an increasing number of jurisdictions in Europe and North America enacting national laws of mandatory human rights due diligence, there is a rising demand from investors and customers for corporate accountability and transparency.

Companies operating in Turkey are increasingly affected by these developments in the emerging legal field of Business & Human Rights. As Turkey plays a vital role in the supply chains of European and North American companies, these companies are increasingly demanding that Turkish businesses “know and show” their human rights impact in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

Cetinkaya is a pioneer among Turkish law firms, offering tailor-made legal consultancy based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We ensure that our clients mitigate and minimize human rights risks caused by their operations and suppliers to the fullest possible extent.

The firm has experience advising multinational enterprises (MNEs) regarding human rights risks and compensation claims in a broad range of industries, including the garment, extractive, and technology industries. We provide independent and accurate expert reports for the management of MNEs on the human rights records of their Turkish suppliers, which are drafted through field visits and consultations with suppliers’ employees, local communities, and other stakeholders.

Our Business & Human Rights services also include advising clients in developing legally sound communication strategies. We help to ensure transparency and minimize reputational harm to businesses as well as providing timely and effective crisis management in line with international human rights standards.

The specialized team of Business & Human Rights lawyers at Cetinkaya advise companies on the following:

  • Creating comprehensive business & human rights strategies
  • Drafting and implementing human rights policy commitments
  • Identifying and addressing salient human rights risks
  • Conducting human rights due diligence
  • Training for sustainable business & human rights practices
  • Establishing operational level remediation mechanisms

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