Coming into the new decade, 68% of business leaders believe that the cybersecurity risks confronting their organizations are increasing.

Cybersecurity is a growing concern of our times due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of much cybercrime. In Turkey, in particular, there are many reported cases of cybercrime. In addition to acting as a transit point for monies, the increasing digitization of company assets and services in Turkey provide cybercriminals with an array of new targets for sophisticated attacks.

We advise our clients for cybersecurity risk assessment, employee/third party trainings, mock audits and similar preventive measures. We have considerable experience dealing with the investigation and reporting of cybercrimes in Turkey. We understand that irreparable damage can only be prevented by taking urgent action, and are available around the clock to detect, contain and respond to attacks as well as to seek injunctions from civil courts and prosecution offices in Turkey to protect your assets.

In addition to short-term measures such as injunctions and freezing accounts, we also provide support with processes that must be handled simultaneously with such measures, such as regulatory compliance, media relations, public perception, and potential liability issues. For cybersecurity matters involving financial institutions, we provide support and legal assessment with regards to the liability of account holders or the financial institution involved in any matter of fraudulent use resulting from a cybersecurity attack or exploitation of a cybersecurity issue.