Internal investigations are one of the main elements of an effective compliance programme and form the cornerstone of a company’s self-defence mechanisms. Internal investigations are a strong tool to fight against misconduct, design accuraterisk assessment methods and maintain strong company culture and organizational justice.

Cetinkaya provides a wide range of legal services, ranging from the crafting of speak-up hotlines to conducting internal interviews and pre-trial strategies when our clients suspect misconduct by employees, executives or third parties. Cetinkaya advises its clients with preparations for pre-investigation, handling investigations, reporting and post-investigation actions.

We are at the cutting edge of business crime practice in Turkey and leading directories recognize our expertise. From internal investigations to criminal trials, we have a reputation for providing sound strategic advice and for the high-level advocacy we provide before prosecution offices and criminal courts representing both companies and individuals.

Our team have been involved in a number of precedent-setting internal investigation cases that involve allegations of fraud, corruption, bribery, sanctions, money laundering, harassment, whistle-blower complaints many of which have a cross border element. We design communication programmes and company policies that comply with local and extraterritorial global legislations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act.

We are adept in the sensitive handling of internal investigations, exercising strict confidentiality and due diligence. We understand that such investigations may pose significant financial and reputational consequences and help to abate their potential to develop into civil, criminal, or regulatory proceedings.