As the global economy has become increasingly driven by and reliant upon all forms of data, ensuring the compliant use and protection of such data has become critical.

Our team is experienced in both the data protection laws and regulatory regime in Turkey and the requirements of GDPR. We have considerable experience in providing support in data protection across a broad range of industries and have an in-depth understanding that allows us to focus on the specific requirements of your business. Such support includes the design and implementation of compliance programmes, project-based support for data protection, impact assessments, the evaluation and notification of data breaches and representation before the Turkish Data Protection Authority.

In order to be able to provide the most satisfactory long-term solutions, our team also keeps track of developments in data protection outside of Turkey; particularly developments relating to the GDPR and data protection legislation adopted by US states such as the CCPA. Particularly when assisting with project-based data protection impact assessments, we focus on recommendations that integrate current and anticipate future trends, such as privacy by design and processes relating to cross-border data transfer considerations.

We provide support and advice in areas including the following:

  • Design and implementation of data protection compliance projects
  • Designing sustainable internal data protection governance models
  • Data protection and privacy features and considerations on a project or general business model basis
  • Developing AI or ML models utilizing different internal and external data sources
  • Assessment and notification of data breaches
  • Representation before the Turkish Data Protection Authority in areas such as data breaches, cross-border data transfer applications, Binding Corporate Rules recognition applications.