We provide an integrated and multidisciplinary service to our technology clients. With the combined expertise of our team, we work to fully understand the service models of clients and help to guide them through the legal landscape.

We understand that our clients produce revolutionary goods or services operating on the boundaries of regulated and conventional markets and help them to avoid legal obstacles on their entrepreneurial journey.

Our lawyers have been counsel to a range of tech entrepreneurs who entered markets in Turkey. Our business acumen, with a commercial but cautious approach translates to practical, relevant, and cost-effective advice that has opened doors for many successful tech stories.

Our extensive experience includes:

  • E-commerce
  • Mobile applications
  • Web services
  • Social networking
  • Data storage
  • Digital content creation & distribution
  • Internet applications
  • Networking.

We have expertise in IT contracting, outsourcing, privacy, litigation, and corporate & commercial issues related to technology companies. We assist our clients in developing procedures and strategies for protecting their innovation; counsel regarding strategic development of products and indemnification issues, extensive licensing services (both outbound and inbound), and comprehensive programs for pre-litigation, licensing, and litigation for enforcement purposes.

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