Code Of Conduct

At Cetinkaya, we believe it is not just how successful our services are, it is also how we achieve that success. We follow “doing the right thing even nobody is watching” approach, by making business ethics, ethical decision making and ethical leadership at the hearth of what we do. Giving the right decision, taking responsibility and accountability for them, so that we can become one of the world’s most innovative, best performing and trusted legal organisations, and positively impact our clients, stakeholders and society. We are professionals of legal services but we also know compliance goes beyond just rules and regulations.

Client Focus: It is always giving the best legal & compliance services to clients to strive highest quality for their long term benefit and sustainability.

Transparency: It helps us build trust within our organization, with our clients and with society by being honest and open about how and what we do.

People: We support our colleagues with diversity and inclusion, with striving for the highest ethical culture within our organization.

Integrity: It is about doing the right thing even in all complex matters and advising our clients

It is important for us to be aware of and fully comply with applicable laws, regulations and our client’s policies. We always keep in mind that we are representing our clients in various legal venues in which our operations are subject to a wide variety of laws, regulations (including guidances issued by regulatory authorities), and industry codes. This Code of Conduct (“Code”) sets out our core standards for how we conduct business – every day, everywhere – over a broad range of subject areas. It is also intended to promote a culture of compliance through out Cetinkaya and guide us to the right decisions when we encounter ethical dilemmas. The Code is not an exhaustive description of our expected behavior and is supported by additional policies and procedures. The Code and other policies and procedures cover many issues related to our work. However, they cannot address every possible situation we may face. Therefore, each of us also take personal responsibility to act with the highest sense of integrity, use good judgment, and ask questions in areas of uncertainty. Our Code is an evolving document and may be updated over time to reflect changing laws or expectations of stakeholders.

Cetinkaya is committed to conducting its business through out world in accordance with high ethical standards and applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, policies and procedures. Our Policy is designed to ensure that all Cetinkaya Personnel will act and make business decisions that impact strictly on the basis of Cetinkaya’s and it is client’s best interests and avoid situations that present or create the appearance of a actual, potential and perceived conflict between their personal interests and the interests of Cetinkaya and it is clients.

Globalized economy means globalized regulations. More organizations need to examine their third-party vendors, service providers and supply chain in order to assess the level of risk, inform decisions and comply with laws. Failure to adequately assess third-party and fourth-party risk exposes organizations to reputational risk, operational risk, cyber risk, government inquiry, monetary penalties and criminal liability. Third party actions are deemed to be the actions of the organization so: “We weren’t aware of that” is no longer a valid defense.

At Cetinkaya we provide third party risk management solutions to our clients and we apply the same principles when interacting with third parties. Our vendors and strategic partners are subject to third party risk management process and constant due diligence. We are aware that we are not only defending best legal interest of our clients but also their reputation.

At Cetinkaya we believe that every employee within our organization has the right and obligation to report their concerns without any retaliation. We operate in a transparent environment and reach our judgements by ethical decision making in every phase of our services. Our Firm truly values the help of employees who identify and Speak Up about potential concerns that need to be addressed. Speaking up is encouraged and employees who Speak Up honestly are protected. Cetinkaya does not tolerate any form of retaliation against any employee for Speaking Up. Speaking up is essential for us to sustain our reputation, long term success and proactive risk management process.