A Communiqué regarding the Leasing of Treasury Lands for Agricultural Production Purposes Has Been Published


The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation has published the National Real Estate General Communiqué Sequence No: 400 (“Communique”) on the leasing of Treasury lands for agricultural production purposes in the Official Gazette dated 16 September 2020 and numbered 31246. You can reach the Communique via here. (Available in Turkish only)

The Communique has introduced new principles and procedures for the leasing of lands under the private ownership of the Treasury or owned by the State for agricultural production purposes by bargaining, as per the Public Procurement Code numbered 2886.

According to the Communique, the lands will be leased primarily to farmers who are registered, or who have resided in the villages and neighbourhoods where the lands are located for at least three years, and who either do not own, or do not have sufficient land for agriculture.

Treasury lands not leased to farmers due to lack of demand may also be leased to other natural persons or legal entities who meet the conditions set forth in the Public Procurement Code.

The first leasing term is for ten years. After the expiry of the first term, the administration may extend the term of the leasing agreement for an additional ten years upon the request of the lessee, provided that they have fulfilled their obligations. Lessees are obliged to use the lands for agricultural production purposes only. Cases in which the lands are used for other purposes will result in the leasing agreement being terminated by the administration without notification. The aim of the Communiqué is to increase agricultural production.