Compliance Series: E 01 An Introduction to Compliance and Business Ethics | Cetinkaya On Air Podcasts

In this episode, Cetinkaya Partner Altug Ozgun discusses what compliance is and how it should fit in to your business, highlighting current international and Turkish considerations with Head of Communications, Kevin Byrne.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The history of compliance and how it fits in to business
  • Why risk management, transparency & speak up culture matter
  • What does it mean to have a pro-active risk-based approach to compliance?
  • How to protect your organization and employees from reputational harm
  • Anti-bribery legislation & compliance in Turkey as a new profession
  • Being compliant and working with multinationals who have business in Turkey
  • Advice to corporations who want to invest in compliance
  • Ethics by design and the need for tailor made compliance programs
  • Who is responsible for compliance in an organization?
  • How to implement a compliance program that fits your business
  • How to work with a compliance consultant
  • Having the best possible working relationship with your employees and third parties