Import Duties for Human Vaccines are Zeroed in Turkey

Import duties for human vaccines have been adjusted to zero and coronavirus vaccines are now included in the Customs Tariff Statistics Position with the announcement of Presidential Decree No. 3685, “Amending the Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule Divided into Statistical Positions", published in the Official Gazette dated 20.03.2021 and numbered 31429 (available in Turkish only).

In accordance with Articles 1 and 2 of Law No. 474 on Customs Entry Tariff Schedules and Article 15 of Customs Law No. 4458, the “Decision on Amending the Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule Divided into Statistical Positions” will enter into force.

The tariff subheading number 3002.20 and the customs tariff statistics position number 6307. in the Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule Divided into Statistical Positions put into effect with the Presidential Decree dated 30 December 2020 and numbered 3345 have been rearranged. This amendment has removed the separations regarding filtration rate and particle size.

In accordance with the Decree numbered 3685, the decision entered into force as of 20 March 2021 and the provisions of the decision will be executed by the Ministry of Trade.

The final version of the tariff schedule decided by the Presidential Decree is as follows:

Customs Tariff Statistics Position



Vaccines used for humans


SARS-associated coronavirus vaccines

(SARS-CoV types)


Polio vaccines


Measles vaccine


Mumps vaccine


Tuberculosis vaccine


Combination vaccine (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine)


Cholera vaccines


Typhoid vaccines




FFP masks conforming to EN 149 and other masks conforming to a similar standard such as respiratory protective devices that protect against particles